orkest de ereprijs

orkest de ereprijs is the leading ensemble for new music in the eastern Netherlands. The group has made a name for itself both at home and abroad. It initiates new projects, often in co-operation with other disciplines, on both a local and international level. Additionally the orchestra offers a podium for young talent in the annual Young Composers’ Meeting and in its continuing alliance with the conservatories of The Hague, Rotterdam and Arnhem/Enschede/Zwolle (ArtEZ).
Approach – One distinguishing characteristic of orkest de ereprijs is its attitude: the ensemble is inquisitive and is poised to accept musical challenges and experiments. The strength of the orchestra is its approach to new music, introducing audiences to high-quality contemporary music while preserving its accessibility to the general public.

Members and Staff – Jacqueline van Brink, Marije van de Berghflute/- Hans Witteman – clarinet /Sabine Laar en Ans van Dijk saxophones/Sjoerd Pauw – trumpet/Jeroen van Dijk – horn/ Peter de Hoop en Beppie Schalken – trombone/ Dineke Griek – tuba/Aljosja Buijs – piano /Paul Vos electric – guitar/ Herman Lamers – bass guitar/ André Groen – percussion/
Wim Boerman – conductor/artistic director/Michel Bezem – administrative manager

24th YOUNG COMPOSERS MEETING – February 25 – March 02  2018