de ereprijs is the leading ensemble for new music in the eastern Netherlands. The group has made a name for itself both at home and abroad. It initiates new projects, often in co-operation with other disciplines, on both a local and international level. Additionally the orchestra offers a podium for young talent in the annual Young Composers€™ Meeting and in its continuing alliance with the conservatories of The Hague, Rotterdam and Arnhem/Enschede/Zwolle (ArtEZ). de ereprijs images and sounding, make your choice by click and scroll:


Michael Daugherty – Wat’s that Spell
Martijn Padding – Slow landscape with thunder – bas-fluit concerto
Julia Wolf – Tell me everything
David Lang – Increase
ECO  european contemporary orchestra – ereprijs-télémaque- musiques nouvelles – Marsseille 2010





Grenspost Zinnenwald van
Chiel Meijering en Marjolein Bierens.





in 1 weekend componist



diverse concerten

TAO Dolf de Kinkelder – Deventer Schouwburg
Nederland Muziekland – Martijn Padding – Caroline Cartens
Boogloze Boogpees – Chiel Meijering/Piet Gerbrandy – Caroline Cartens sopraan
Piéton de Hautrives – Martijn Padding  – Marco Blaauw
YCM Aftab Darvishi
September Music – Joe Cutler
Trevor Grahl
Mountains – Rob Nauta
ArtEZ fim- en theater componisten meet de ereprijs



RKST21 – several openings YCM



  YOUNG COMPOSERS MEETING – final concerts

Gaudeamus Muziekweek

de ereprijs volume 9 – Ayres, Bennett, Cutler  and Padding





York – John Stringer