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André Groen - Drums / percussion


André Groen studied drums, classical percussion and latin percussion at the conservatoires of Arnhem and Rotterdam. He studied in New York with the Drummers Collective and made several trips to Cuba, to specialise in latin percussion and danzón.

André teaches drums and latin ensemble at the Utrecht Conservatoire, as well as latin percussion and ensembles at the ArtEZ Music Academy in Arnhem. He played as a drummer in bands with Guus Tangelder, Herman de Wit, Martin van Duynhoven, Leo Cuypers, Vera Vingerhoeds, I Compani, and many theatre companies.

André used to play classical percussion in the Groen&Flören  duo and in the Gelders Orkest. Since 1983, he has been a member of orkest de ereprijs and for a few years now of the international HOP! trio.

As a latin percussionist, André has been active in many latin bands, including Salsaya Big Band, Salsa d’Amsterdam, and Orquesta Tentación (Switzerland). He is the founder and percussionist of the European Danzón Orchestra, with which he performed at festivals in Cuba. Currently, he is the conductor of Orquesta Salsabor and member of the trio Nos Otrobanda with pianist Michiel Braam and bass-player Aty de Windt.