20 November 2019 | ereprijs 40 (veertig jaar) | Musis, Arnhem

The orkest de ereprijs turns 40! For our anniversary we present an evening full of current music, the core business of the orkest de ereprijs.

For forty years the orkest de ereprisj has been the ensemble for new music in the east of the Netherlands, making it a unique, demonstrable and recognized place in the world of 'young, composed music'. The orchestra focuses on new work by living composers. Especially for our 40th birthday, a commission composition will be completed by Jan van de Putte, Wilbert Bulsink, Kate Moore and Martijn Padding, who will premiere during this series.

Wednesday 20 November 2019, 8 p.m. - Muzenzaal, Musis Arnhem - Buy tickets

Martijn Padding - This is a loud world (première)
Jan van de Putte - Bewegung ohne bewegung (première)
Wilbert Bulsink - Struikelgevaar (première)
Kate Moore - De Reiger (première)

orkest de ereprijs - Wim Boerman
Dirk Luijmes clavichord
Katharina Gross cello

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20 November 2019 | ereprijs 40 (veertig jaar) | Musis, Arnhem - BUY TICKETS
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