24 April 2022 | Aardlek #5: Take Time | CODA, Apeldoorn

Concert series Aardlek: urgent matters brings music of today to Apeldoorn.

About Aardlek - urgent matters: Take the time to bridge

Earthquake connects current themes with new compositions commissioned for the Honor Prize. Guests from various disciplines (including philosophy, design, literature, poetry science) share their ideas and questions with the audience and with the featured composers in an informal setting. The concerts take place at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn. Each series of four concerts each year has a particular theme that different composers work into a composition from their own perspective. The composers come from different generations and have different cultural backgrounds. The theme for concert season 2021-2022 is 'Taking Time'.

Speciale guest at this concert is Jeroen Glissenaar, responsible for City&Green Arnhem.

Orkest De Ereprijs
o.l.v. Arne Visser

- Ho-Chi So - sinfonia*, premiere
- Jeroen Glissenaar
- Ig Henneman - Diep bloost de zee**, premiere
- Jeroen Glissenaar
- Ned McGowan - Found in Translation***

Ned McGowan, double bass flute

Orkest De Ereprijs
led by Arne Visser

*commissioned by Stichting Frank van der Wal Fonds (27th Young Composers Meeting 2021)
**commissioned by Orkest De Ereprijs
***commissioned by Orkest De Ereprijs with support of Fonds Podiumkunsten


Concert information

Admission is free
Date: April 24, 2022
Time: 03.00 - 04.00pm
Vosselmanstraat 299
7311CL Apeldoorn

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This concert is free to attend if you have a valid ticket for CODA Museum. Admission policy may change due to then-current Corona measures.

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