19 & 20 November 2022 | h/AI | Frascati Amsterdam

Human versus Artificial Intelligence

"Man is a cord stretched between the übermensch and the animal."
(from: "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", Nietzsche)

In an attempt to better understand the newcomer A.I. and to see how far the genius of this creature actually extends, theater group ECHO, Veenfabriek and de Ereprijs decided to make a joint work of art with this creature in the making.

Text A.I., Jibbe Willems, Ninke Overbeek
Music A.I., Lam Lai
Installation John van Oostrum
Scenography Noa Helder
Actors Anna Schoen, Chandana Sarma a.o.
Orkest De Ereprijs conducted by Gregory Charette
Final direction A.I.
With special thanks to Liacs for supporting A.I.


For a long time, God was the meaning-making authority for man. Since Nietzsche declared God dead, man was left to fend for himself for a whole new period: man as the measure of man. In the meantime, man has entered yet another phase in world history, a phase in which artificial intelligence has become part of being human. Artificial intelligence supports our thought processes, influences our actions and imperceptibly takes over our tasks. It resides under the veiled term "A.I." (Artificial Intelligence) already resides on a large scale in our devices and systems. Soon A.I. will be in our heads. Supporters say this promises great things, while critics point to future dangers. A.I. at this stage of mankind is primarily about the unknown, about what might come. We will have to make full use of our H.I. (Human Intelligence) in order to be a worthy partner of A.I. in the future.

The tension between H.I. and A.I. therefore requires 'serious' research. Partners Veenfabriek, Ereprijs and ECHO take up this challenge in the production Aldus sprak A.I. An orchestra with 14 players, 3 actors, many robots and A.I.. Together we want to rise above 'ourselves' on the way, and longing, for a better version of 'us', we go in search of who we are. Interacting with our own test version of A.I., we get to know 'her/him/it' and want to learn how to become a better version of ourselves. Maybe we can then teach A.I. something human!

Photo: Studio Miek Uittenhout

Concert information
Date and time: November 19th and 20th 11th, 20.30hr
Location: Frascati 1 Amsterdam
Nes 63 1012 KD Amsterdam

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