Aardlek: urgent matters

The concert series Aardlek: urgent matters brings today's music to Apeldoorn. Aardlek: urgent matters connects current themes with new compositions written on commission. Guests from different disciplines (including philosophy, design, literature, science) share their ideas and questions with the audience and the composers present in an informal setting. The concerts take place in CODA Museum in Apeldoorn.

Each series of four concerts per year has a specific theme that is processed into a composition by four different composers from their own perspective. The composers come from different generations and have different cultural backgrounds. Some themes are: taking your time and more media, less connection?

In 2021 we will start with two introductory Aardlek concerts.
June 27: Oog voor elkaar \ buy tickets
CODA Museum, 7.30 pm
The premiere of a new composition by Lise Morisson. Guest speaker is Stine Jensen, philosopher / writer.

November 7:
CODA Museum, 4.00 pm
The premiere of a new composition by Thanakarn Schofield, commissioned by the St. Frank van der Wal Fund. Guest speaker: Bas Kwakman, poet / visual artist and former director of Poetry International Rotterdam.