Aardlek: urgent matters connects current themes with new compositions that have been commissioned. Guests from various disciplines (including philosophy, design, literature, poetry and science) share their ideas and questions with the audience and the attending composers in an informal setting.

Personal Cultures: Personal background is, as with all of us, inescapable for a composer. But what influence does it have on his or her work? De Ereprijs commissioned five composers to compose an answer to the question: "where does this come from?". The pieces in this programme embody their personal connection with a musical culture.

Andriessen Festival: Orkest De Ereprijs, together with Phion and Musis, presents a programme of contemporary music in the footsteps of Louis Andriessen. Andriessen's search for and compositions for unconventional instrumentations created an ensemble tradition that encourages adventurous and unexpected forms of written music. To discover the future of classical music, Phion and Orkest De Ereprijs join forces under the name RKST21. Andriessen has influenced many composers in different ways. During this festival, we give a stage to all these different approaches to music today and we celebrate the work of Louis Andriessen. Besides RKST21 and Orkest De Ereprijs, we present several soloists and smaller ensembles.

Phion and Orkest De Ereprijs join forces as RKST21 to explore the future of classical music. RKST21 plays works of up-and-coming composers and veterans of contemporary music: challenging, unexpected, but above all very recognizable. Classical music is mixed with elements from pop, big band, folk, jazz and more. RKST21 brings the laboratory to life with new works, fresh from the scoresheet!

The PocketLAB is a laboratory where new formats are developed and new directions in interdisciplinary work are taken. With a small group of participants (both professionals and students) from different disciplines, we discuss the desired research. Rehearsals are followed by a performance with Orkest De Ereprijs during the presentation day of the PocketLAB.