RKST21: Music of today and tomorrow

Phion and Orkest De Ereprijs play together: music of today and tomorrow

Phion and Orkest De Ereprijs join together to create RKST21 and explore the world of classical music. RKST21 plays pieces by up-and-coming composers, but also of veterans of contemporary music: challenging, unexpected, but most of all identifiable. Classical combined with pop, big band, jazz, folk  - anything that is out there. RKST21 breathes new life into the laboratory of new work, the ink is still fresh!

With current composers

among others:

  • Louis Andriessen
  • Ted Hearne
  • Trevor Grahl,
  • Dolf de Kinkelder
  • Ali Can Puskulcu 
  • Martijn Padding
  • Michael Daugherty
  • Julia Wolf
  • David Lang
  • Christiaan Richter
  • Livia Malossi