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St. Louis Blues: 10-15 September in Musis Arnhem!

In 1939 hundreds of Jews fled Europe by boat. In the opera St. Louis Blues we see how their flight to freedom ended in a deception. A penetrating story that is suddenly painfully up to date 80 years later. St. Louis Blues: from 10 to 15 September in Musis Arnhem!

In that year, the St. Louis passenger ship sailed with 937 Jewish passengers from Hamburg to Havana. The refugees hope to bring themselves to safety by obtaining an entry visa for the US in Cuba. What starts as a journey full of euphoria ends in a deception: Cuba, the US and South America close their borders for the refugees. The ship is forced to return to Europe, where the same fate awaits for most as for millions of Jews at the time of World War II.

History repeats itself: 80 years later, it is bitter to find that the fate of boat refugees is still uncertain today. This opera connects the past with the present and encourages both reconsideration and reflection. The future will show whether more humanity is a bridge too far.

10-15 September 2019 | St. Louis Blues | Musis, Arnhem