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h/AI, human vs. Artificial Intelligence

The tension between H.I. and A.I. therefore requires 'serious' research. Partners Veenfabriek, Ereprijs and ECHO take up this challenge in the production Aldus sprak A.I. An orchestra with 14 players, 3 actors, many robots and A.I.. Together we want to rise above 'ourselves' on the way, and longing, for a better version of 'us', we go in search of who we are. Interacting with our own test version of A.I., we get to know 'her/him/them/it' and want to learn how to become a better version of ourselves. Maybe we can then teach A.I. something human!

The premiere of h/AI was on September 17th. Further performances were in Korzo Den Haag, Musis Arnhem,  Frascati Amsterdam

Photos by Bert Grietens