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New ereprijs-commissions for Kate Moore, Martijn Padding & Guus Janssen

We are proud to announce that the Fonds Podiumkunsten has honored the composition assignments for Kate Moore, Martijn Padding and Guus Janssen.

In 2018 and 2019 we will be able to perform these works written especially for Orkest de Ereprijs!

Guus Janssen has a background in improvised music, in which the crossing of genre restrictions is always the order. His new piece Fluisterzacht will be a cyclical work with influences of extreme pop music like that of the band Napalm Death. Intensity, fuss and passion grab the listener at the lures! The orkest de ereprijs wanted to cooperate with Janssen for years. Fluisterzacht will premiere on November 19, 2018 during the third edition of Verse Notenmix in Musis Arnhem.

Martijn Padding and de ereprijs have a long and intense friendship: Padding wrote six pieces for the ensemble and has been a senior composer and jury member for 17 years at the Young Composers Meeting. With his new piece This Is A Loud World, Padding wants to get started with a theatrical form of micro-listening. 'Muted Speedwell' forms a microscopic sound world as a bed for the star of this piece: the harpsichord. Together with the new piece by Kate Moore, This Is A Loud World will premiere in November 2019.

Kate Moore and de ereprijs met at the Young Composers Meeting 2003, where she, as a young composer, left a deep impression. In Moore's new composition De Reiger, this majestic water bird plays the leading role in a sounding journey through silence and flight. The piece is thus part of a series of compositions by Moore about nature in the Netherlands. Together with the new piece by Martijn Padding, De Reiger will premiere in November 2019.

The ensemble has been manifesting itself for decades as an instrument for composers, to develop their talents and realizevision. Thanks to the support of the Fonds Podiumkunsten, we can continue to do so!