Composition project

The Ereprijs-composition project is based on the idea that students only really learn something when they connect to it personally. Writing a composition requires a great effort, a lot of time and, moreover, the willingness to take risks: the pupils do something they have never done before. The result is always worth the effort. For the student it is an unforgettable experience to hear an orchestra play 'his' piece; especially when parents, fellow pupils and friends are also there to hear it!

Demonstration concert in the rehearsal space of the orchestra
The demonstration concert opens with a presentation by a controversial composer. In recent years, David Dramm, Huba de Graaff, Richard Ayres, and Aafke Romein have given this presentation. After this we eat soup and a sandwich with the students and then the orchestra plays a number of compositions. The students get an explanation about these works and they can ask questions. Afterwards they can ask questions to all musicians.

Lesson program
After the Demonstration concert, the teachers will give a number of lessons with the central theme of music from the twentieth century and in particular the literature of the orchestra. Listening examples and analyzes are made available by the orchestra. At the end of this lesson program, the students formulate a personal composition assignment in consultation with their teacher and based on their own musical experience. In particular, the diversity of Orkest de Ereprijs which has already been mentioned several times, plays a role in this. From this moment on, the pupils have about two months to finish their maximum four-minute composition completely independently on paper in all details.

Training course for teachers
For lecturers the yield is high: the students are so intensively involved with the subject matter, that all kinds of music-theoretical aspects, but especially the musical imagination, are processed and trained in a natural way. Guiding such a process is no sinecure, however. There is also a training course linked to the project. In it, the teachers first complete the learning process of the pupils themselves (including writing a composition). Also in this course the content of music and pedagogical didactic aspects are discussed.