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Wim Boerman - Artistic leader / conductor


Wim Boerman studied flute at the Arnhem Academy of Music with Rien de Reede and Frans van der Wiel. In 1979, he set up orkest de ereprijs with some of his colleagues – a collective without a conductor. Their main prospective was to perform new music, specially composed for this ensemble of fifteen, at unexpected locations (outdoors, marketplaces, museums) and concert halls. As the music got more and more complex, they started to feel the need to hire conductors.

Boerman had combined being a musician and being a conductor for several years, when he was appointed director and artistic director of the ensemble: a position he still holds. In 2005, he received a life achievement award from the Polish-Russian Association of Composers, for his work and efforts. Until 2013, Boerman was employed by the Music School/Domein in Arnhem as a flute and ensemble teacher.

In November 2018, Wim Boermans received the Theo Bruijs Award for his engagement in talent development and music education with orchestra De Ereprijs. The Theo Bruijns Award is handed out by the Council of The Hague, advised by the Johan Wagenaar Foundation. It is awarded to those who have shown an exceptional commitment to world of music in The Netherlands.