AARDLEK – Nos Otrabanda -“Uterelease Concert” oftewel: “Baarmoerelease Concert” – André Groen, Michiel Braam en Aty de Windt

18 december 2016

NOS OTRABANDA  the Curaçao Experience Aty de Windt -bas / Michiel Braaam - piano / André Groen - percussie Antillian Walz Danza Rumba Tumba Jazz Danzón Mazurka The Curaçao Experience Hear a five minute sample by Nos Otrobanda on SoundCloud! For the last 25 years the music played by Antillean…

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YOUNG COMPOSERS MEETING 2017 – participants

12 februari 2017

23rd YOUNG COMPOSERS MEETING – February 12 – 17 2017 Directors will be:  Martijn Padding,  Richard Ayres, Joe Cutler, Mayke Nas  and Christopher Trapani  in collaboration with Gaudeamus. 16 composers selected for the 23rd edition of the YOUNG COMPOSERS MEETING 2017, out of more then 100 applicants: Paul Zaba/UK -…

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