Orkest de Ereprijs is a living laboratory for talent development and music education. In collaboration with high schools and academies, we like to help young talent find their path. Our whole team supports students in their compositions and introduce them to many different sorts of music. We create solos, ensembles or complete theatre productions with actors, image, and sound. The students and young professionals see the creative process from idea to performance and learn to work with a professional orchestra. A unique chance to gain new experiences!

Awesome to hear something played by these musicians, when before, it was only in your head! So beautiful! (Frank, Music student ArtEZ Music Academy, 21 years)

The more settled creators need talent development, too. These new pieces are always written for the specific line-up of our orchestra, sometimes other musicians or singers are added. We support the collaboration with poets, writers, cinematographers and choreographers.

Experience Lab and come to one of our workshops or concerts – admission is free and you are more than welcome!

Lab contains:
- PocketLAB
- ArtEZ Choreography-Composition (ChoCo)
- ArtEZ Film Music (ArtEZ meet De Ereprijs)
- ArtEZ Opleiding Docent Muziek (ODM)
- ArtEZ bachelor Muziektheater (music theatre)

PocketLAB with Ruud Roelofsen and Marlies Bosmans

Second year bachelor students are visiting De Ereprijs, 2022-2023. Photos by Marcel Vos and Aspasia Nasopoulou.